How long have you been tattooing?

I started in 2011 and been doing it professionally since 2015. I am Licensed by the New York City Department of Health.

How do I set up an appointment for a tattoo?

Please review my portfolio before submitting a request to make sure that your vision is in line with my style and with what I can offer. Full Color, Large scale, illustrative, realism, galaxy/landscape and creative portrait projects with fewer restrictions, as well as scar cover ups will get scheduling priority. I work best when given creative freedom and a limited amount of items/ideas (usually 3max) to incorporate to keep the idea clear and readable as a tattoo.

To book an appoitment you must submit a request here. If we decide to move forward with an appointment you'll be required to make a deposit to secure the time of the appointment (read all about deposits below).

In person consultations are most often not needed and do not require a deposit.

Do you do Tattoo Cover Ups?

Yes, but not all tattoos can be covered up and in some cases laser removal may be suggested to lighten up the old tattoo, in order to achieve the best cover up. I do prefer to do coverups in full color to achieve the best results, and you must be open to a significantly larger tattoo than the area you want covered up. Old tattoos must be at least 3-6 months healed prior to the cover-up.

Do you do Scar Cover ups?

Yes, and it’s one of my favorite things to do. I do not, however, do “skin tone tattoos” or color correction on scars, but instead tattoo designs over scars. In most cases covering up scars will require multiple sessions as the skin can be unpredictable in the way that it holds the ink, so it may need a second pass or a touch up after the ink settles in the scar tissue. You must be open to an area considerably larger tattoo than the scarred area or for some of the scars to peek out a bit.

Do you tattoo dark skin tones?

Absolutely! I tattoo all skin types and complexions. I always tailor my color palette to fit each individual, as not all inks and pigments provide the best results on everyone.

Are there any tattoos that you refuse to do?

*I DO NOT REPLICATE other people's unique tattoos, other artists’ work, your friends’ drawings, your children’s or your own, as all of my artwork is custom and one of a kind. (except for select flash pieces for occasional events).

*I DO NOT tattoo script or lettering, but I can refer you to refer you to a colleague who does.

*I DO NOT tattoo symbols that may be culturally insensitive with NO EXCEPTIONS.

If your request doesn’t align with my artistic vision or is something I cannot offer, I will be more than happy to refer you to some of my colleagues.

Where are you located? Is this space Queer-Friendly?

I am based out of New Orleans currently, but traveling all over doing guest spots regularly in NYC and Atlanta, amongst other cities. Check out my contact page here for details on locations and travel dates. All shops and/studios I tattoo at are Queer Friendly and Body Positive.

About Deposits and Cancellation Policy

Once a date for an appointment has been offered to you, you will need to secure it with a deposit, which is NON-REFUNDABLE and it applies to the total cost. If you are scheduled for multiple sessions, the deposit comes off last session. The amount depends on the size of the project (usually $50-200). You will be given instructions on how to make the deposit usually through Paypal or Venmo when you have been scheduled for an appointment.

Please allow 48hrs to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, otherwise you forfeit your deposit and will need to make a new one in order to reschedule. You may only reschedule your appointment twice before you forfeit your deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS. By paying the deposit you agree to all terms an conditions.

Because of the amount of requests I receive, appointments are essentially first come first served and cannot be held without a deposit. If you are unable to make the deposit within a couple days of me offering a date to you, I will be forced to offer it to who ever is next in line. You can choose to be put on a waitlist for when new dates become available.

Why do I need a Deposit you ask? It proves to me that you are serious about showing up for you appointment. A lot of work is done and a lot of time is spent behind the scenes to make your tattoo happen. So, if for whatever reason you end up not getting tattooed, I need to ensure I still get compensated for my time.

How much will my tattoo cost?

There isn't an easy way to predict how long a tattoo will take, and my hourly rate changes slightly depending on the type of work and the shop location. Please send in a request here to get a quote.

Do you accept credit cards?

It depends on the location I’m tattooing at. I generally prefer cash whenever possible.

Will I see the design before the appointment?

I do not share sketches beforehand. I will have a design ready for you the day of the appointment, and you'll be abe to make changes if needed to ensure you are happy with it, and we will place the stencil to fit your body.

How do I ready for my appointment?

Please visit my How to Get Ready for My Appointment page for more info.

Do you use Numbing Cream?

NO. I’ve had horrible experiences with numbing creams. They make the skin swell and bleed excessively which generally results in a terrible healed piece. If you can’t take the pain, don’t get the tattoo. Please do not apply numbing cream before your appointment without my knowledge.

Is your ink vegan?

ALL my supplies are VEGAN.

How do I take care of my new tattoo?

Please visit my Tattoo Aftercare page for more information.

Do you offer touch ups?

If you have a tattoo that you are not happy with or that you feel didnt heal righ, please fill out a request form here so I can schedule you for a touch up.


To book an appointment please click here. If you have any further questions please email