• Saniderm: Leave for a minimum of 24hrs but the bandage can stay on for on for 3 to 5 DAYS as long as it remains waterproof. Shower normally and avoid sweaty workouts.
  • Regular bandage: Remove the bandage after 2 to 4 HOURS.
  • Inmediately wash the area with lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Pat with paper towel and allow to air dry.
  • Apply a very thin layer of non-scented body lotion.

Certain amount of swelling and redness are normal. Your tattoo may also feel warm to the touch. If these symptoms persist after 72hrs please contact your tattoo artist.

For the next 2-3 weeks

  • Wash your tattoo twice a day
  • Moisturize lightly 3-5 times a day.
  • Avoid pretoleum based products like Aquaphor.
  • Do not pick at it or scratch it.
  • No swimming or soaking.
  • Avoid sleeping on it.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes around the area.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo.  After it is fully healed, make sure to wear sunscreen to prevent it from fading.