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Please READ ALL FAQs and then fill out the form bellow to expedite the booking process for all appointments and consultations. Scheduling priority will be given to large scale and full color pieces.


**Brooklyn, NY: April & May at 10 Thousand Foxes

**Vancouver, BC: July 12th, 13th, 14th at Liquid Amber Tattoo.

Please expect a reply within 48-72 hours, if you don’t get one, please try again. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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You must be 18 years or older to get tattooed in the state of New York. NO EXCEPTIONS.
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NYC: I am typically at the shop Thursday through Monday from 2pm to 9pm. There is no guarantee I can accomodate on other days or other times.
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*Please include: PLACEMENT, aprox. SIZE (in inches or Centimeters), COLOR and if it is a COVER-UP. *I DO NOT incorporate lettering into images. *I DO NOT replicate other people's tattoos, other artist's artwork, your friend's drawings or even your own, as I draw everything custom. *I DO NOT finish other artist’s tattoos. I prefer to create standalone pieces that can work around/compliment existing pieces. *NO EXCEPTIONS. Feel free to add links to reference images you may have.

10 Thousand Foxes NYC

I am a Resident Artist at 10 Thousand Foxes, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, a welcoming tattoo shop that is that is Queer Friendly. We provide an inclusive & body-positive environment for all customers.

213 Montrose Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11206
United States