About Me

I specialize in unique and highly detailed tattoos incorporating neo-traditional adn realistic thecniques, always keeping in mind the longevity of a piece. My favorite things to tattoo are animals, botanicals and galaxies.

I have been drawing ever since I can remember. I first got into tattooing back in 2011 while getting a degree in Design from Universidad de los Andes. I graduated in 2013 majoring in Illustration, and inmediately moved to NYC to pursue my tattoo career.

I worked next to tattoo veteran Adal Ray at Majestic Tattoo NYC for a couple years before deciding it was time for a change. He was a great mentor and I will forever be grateful for his knowledge and friendship.

Today I am a Resident Artist at 10 Thousand Foxes Tattoo NYC in Brooklyn, NY.

The thing I like about tattooing the most is helping people love their bodies. Everytime I get a tattoo i feel more like myself, and I hope that that is the case for many of you as well! <3