For all NON-tattoo related inquiries please e-mail .


Please review my portfolio and READ ALL FAQs before submitting a request to make sure that your vision is in line with my style and with what I can offer, then fill out the form bellow.

Scheduling priority will be given to large scale, full color, realism, illustrative, creative portrait, and galaxy/landscape projects with fewer restrictions, as well as to preexisting clienst and scar cover ups. I work best when given creative freedom and with fewer items/ideas to incorporate to keep the idea clear and readable as a tattoo.

Because of the amount of requests I receive and my imited availability while traveling, appointments are essentially first come first served and cannot be held without a deposit. If you are unable to make the deposit within a couple days of me offering a date to you, that date may be offered to someone else. You can choose to be put on a waitlist for when new dates become available, but this does not guarantee an appointment.

In person consultations are most often not needed and do not require a deposit.


**Atlanta, GA: November 15th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st and 22nd at Mystic Owl Tattoo.

**New Orleans, LA: October 2nd-6th and November 6th-10th at Electric Lady land.


**Brooklyn, NY: Books will reopen soon for January, February and March. Please send a request if you wish to be added to the Waitlist for 2020 (Does not guarantee an appointment, scheduling priority still applies)

Please expect a reply within 3-7 business days, if you don’t get one, please check your junk mail folder or try again. Please consider addding to you contact list.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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You must be 18 years or older to get tattooed. NO EXCEPTIONS, Even with parental consent, i do not feel comfortable tattooing minors.
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CIty you are looking to get tattooed at.
Days you will be available to get tattooed. Weekends get booked up faster so consider taking a weekday off to get tattooed.
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General dimensions of your desired piece, you can also say not sure.
Is this a Coverup? *
I do not do partial tattoo cover ups or rework old tattoos that can't be redone in my style. There is no garantee a tattoo or scar tissue can be covered, or that my style will be the best option for you, so every coverup will be evaluated individually.
I work best when given creative freedom and a imited amount of items/ideas to incorporate to keep te idea clear and readable as a tattoo. *I DO NOT tattoo script or lettering, but I can refer you to refer you to a colleague who does. *I DO NOT replicate other people's tattoos, other artist's artwork, your friend's drawings or even your own, as I draw everything custom. *I DO NOT finish other artist’s tattoos. I prefer to create standalone pieces that can work around/compliment existing pieces. *NO EXCEPTIONS. Feel free to add links to reference images you may have.