• Saniderm: Leave for a minimum of 8- 24hrs depending on the amount of fuild build up, which is normal, but if it feels comfortable, the bandage can stay on for on for 3 to 5 DAYS as long as it remains waterproof. Shower normally and avoid sweaty workouts. Please remove bandage inmediatly if it becomes uncomfortable or itchy.

  • Regular bandage: Remove the bandage after 2 to 4 HOURS.

  • Inmediately wash the area with lukewarm water and unscented soap, then rinse area thoroughly.

  • Pat with paper towel and allow to air dry for a couple minutes.

  • Apply a very thin layer of non-scented body lotion.

Certain amount of swelling and redness are normal. Your tattoo may also feel warm to the touch. If these symptoms persist after 48-72hrs please contact your tattoo artist inmediately for assessment.

For the next 2-3 weeks

  • Wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day as directed above.

  • Moisturize lightly a couple times a day, and do not overmoisturize.

  • Avoid pretoleum based products like Aquaphor.

  • Avoid tight fitting clothes around the area, and make sure your clothes and sheets are clean. Also avoid sleeping on it to allow proper bloodflow to the area.

  • Do not pick at it and do not scratch it.

  • No swimming or soaking.

  • Avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo. After it is fully healed, make sure to wear sunscreen to prevent it from fading.